Kindergarten Activity Room

In Amrita, we conduct concept-based activities for children that allow them to engage completely and make learning easy. We believe that hands-on activities will help children develop higher-level thinking and stimulate their learning process.

The Kindergarten Activity area is truly a stunning place for tiny tots where

Learning + Fun = Holistic growth

Activity room provides a stimulating environment for children and aids in spontaneous learning. The area is designed keeping in mind the teaching methodologies where children can explore beyond classrooms and have time to become creative thinkers.

  • Activity room gives a real time exposure to children to express their feelings and learn to listen to others.
  • The core idea of this activity area is to engage the kids by providing them an environment that induces joy, happiness and creativity.
  • The interior of this room is designed keeping the little ones in mind. Their inquisitive eyes get the feel of things fresh and attractive.
  • Children are introduced to fundamental learning that is appealing and more recreational in nature.